Cameco Key Lake Phase III and IV Ore Pad

Project Summary

The Phase III and Phase IV Ore Pad project was the construction of a storage facility to hold mineralized waste from the McArthur River Mining Operation. The Phase III Pad was approximately 50,000 m² and has a design capacity of 215,000 m³ of waste. Phase IV was approximately 5,000 m² and has a design storage capacity of 8,500 m³. Both pads were constructed with a double HDPE liner with a with a runoff collection system designed to collect the rainwater runoff and pump it to the water treatment facility.

The project needed to be fast-tracked in order to target a completion date of October 2008. It was critical to have the ore pad operating before freeze up to ensure the McArthur River could continue its mining operations. Any significant delays in this project, could have delayed the mining and milling for Cameco.

There were two primary hurdles that had a significant effect on the cost and schedule of this project:

i. Legacy contamination was encountered in the excavations of the ore pads. This material was intended to be used in the construction of the ore pads; instead it had to be removed and replaced with common fill. To ensure that all contaminated material was found, all excavations were scanned for radiation.

ii. The original plan was to build the Phase IV ore pad over the existing liner. After submitting the Application for Construction; Saskatchewan Environment required the removal of the existing liner and all contaminated material. A new liner and material were required to replace the existing liner.

FIS Role

Frontline Staff was responsible for the Project Management and the Construction Management for all phases of this project.

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