Mosaic Esterhazy 2EH Drill Project

Project Summary

The 2EH drill project was an exploration drill project for the Mosaic Esterhazy potash mining operation. The project goal was to drill to approximate depth of 1100 metres. Cores were retrieved with detailed geological and geophysical logs prepared for the entire cross section.

The project was completed under tight time constraints. Drilling was completed in 46 day, 9 days ahead of schedule, and the project was approximately $750,000 under budget. The work was completed with zero safety incidents.

FIS Role

Frontline partnered with North Rim Exploration to execute the 2EH Drill Program as a modified EPC project for Mosaic. Frontline was responsible for the Project Management, Project Controls, Safety Supervision and Procurement functions on the project. North Rim supplied geological and drilling expertise, as well as, procurement and project controls support.

Frontline Industrial

Founded in 2005, Frontline is a wholly-owned operating company of the PIC Investment Group, that offers project support services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients.

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