Cameco Key Lake Atmospheric Leaching Project

Project Summary

The Key Lake Atmosphere Project was an upgrade to the Key Lake Uranium Mill to convert the Leach circuit from a pressure leach process to an atmospheric leach process. The atmosphere leach project would allow Cameco to increase product ion while reducing expensive maintenance on the pressure leach autoclaves.

The project consisted of multiple stages of demolition and construction to minimize the impact on the ongoing operation of the mill. The project was sequenced such that the Key Lake mill could continue to operate, with only minimal interruptions to integrate new piping tie-ins to existing circuits. All of the work takes place inside the mill, adjacent to the existing process circuit.

FIS Role

Frontline staff has been responsible for Project Management for some phases, and all Construction Management for the demolition and construction of the second phase. Radiation safety was a priority and management of the protection programs resulted in a perfect safety record.

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